Sealing Asphalt Driveway Pros and Cons: Is It Worth the Cost

When it comes to maintaining your asphalt driveway, one of the options available is to seal it. Sealing your asphalt driveway can greatly protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of sealing before deciding. This article explores the pros and cons of sealing your asphalt driveway.

What is Asphalt Sealing


Asphalt sealing is applying a protective layer of sealant to an asphalt surface.

Types of sealant:

Coal tar, asphalt emulsion, petroleum-based


Protection from water, UV rays, oil spills, and other harmful elements

Pros of Sealing Your Asphalt Driveway

Increased lifespan:

Sealing your driveway can help prolong its life by protecting it from damage caused by water, UV rays, and other harmful elements.

Improves appearance:

Sealing can give your driveway a fresh, dark appearance that can make it look new again.

Resists oil stains:

A properly sealed driveway can resist oil spills and other stains that can discolor or damage an unsealed driveway.

Easier maintenance:

Sealed driveways require less maintenance than unsealed driveways because they are easier to clean and keep looking new.

Cons of Sealing Your Asphalt Driveway


Sealing your driveway can be expensive, especially if you hire a professional to do it for you.


The process of sealing your driveway can take several hours or even days, depending on the size of your driveway.

Risk of damage:

If the sealing process is not done correctly, it can cause damage to your driveway. For example, if the sealant is applied too thickly, it can cause cracks or other damage.

Can be slippery:

Sealed driveways can be slippery, especially when wet. This can be dangerous for people walking or driving on the driveway.

Factors to Consider Before Sealing Your Driveway

Age of driveway

Your driveway may need to be sealed later if it is relatively new. However, sealing may be a good option if it’s older and starting to show signs of wear and tear.


If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, sealing your driveway can help protect it from damage caused by these elements.


Sealing your driveway can be expensive, so it’s important to consider whether the cost is worth the benefits.

Sealing your asphalt driveway can be a great way to protect it from damage and extend its lifespan. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. If you seal your driveway, choose a reputable contractor and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging your driveway. With proper maintenance, a sealed driveway can last for many years and provide a beautiful and functional entrance to your home.

Sealing Your Asphalt Driveway: DIY or Pro?

If you’ve decided to seal your asphalt driveway, the next decision is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. Both options have pros and cons, and it’s important to consider a few factors before deciding.

Time and Effort

Sealing an asphalt driveway can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. DIY sealing requires surface preparation, sealer application, and enough time to let it dry. It may take more than one full day to complete. If you are considering DIY, ensure you have the time, energy, and patience to complete the project. Hiring a professional can save you time and effort but will cost more.


DIY asphalt sealing is cheaper than hiring a professional. However, calculating the cost of purchasing the required sealant, tools, and equipment may be more affordable than you think. In addition, if you make mistakes, it can be costly to fix them later. Hiring a professional may cost more upfront, but the job will be done right the first time, saving you money in the long run.

Experience and Skill Level

Asphalt sealing requires experience and skill to get the job done correctly. If you have no previous experience, you may end up causing damage to your driveway or missing spots that need to be sealed. Hiring a professional with expertise in sealing asphalt driveways ensures the job is done correctly.

Quality of Workmanship

The quality of the workmanship is crucial when it comes to sealing an asphalt driveway. If the job isn’t done correctly, it can lead to cracks, chips, and other types of damage. When hiring a professional, ensure they have the certifications and experience to do the job right. Ask for references and check online reviews before hiring.

Seal Your Driveway with Thomas and Dustin’s Asphalt

In conclusion, the decision to DIY or hire a professional to seal your asphalt driveway depends on various factors such as time and effort, cost, experience and skill level, and quality of workmanship. Considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

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