Grady T Wallace Soccer Complex

For soccer-lovers living in and around Texarkana, TX, the Grady T Wallace Soccer Complex is the place to be! This unique and impressive facility offers a number of amenities that make it one of the best places to enjoy soccer in the area. The complex is a premier facility for soccer players of all ages.

Here’s what you need to know about this great complex.

The complex is located at 3419 Leopard Drive in Liberty-Eylau in Texarkana TX. The complex covers an impressive 70 acres with five full-length softball fields, 2 covered pavilions, a basketball court, playgrounds, and jogging trails. There is also a concession stand and a playground for younger children.

The complex is committed to providing a safe environment for soccer players of all ages and abilities. And it encourages participation by offering free clinics, camps, tournaments and other special events.

The facility offers a variety of membership plans, including single-day passes as well as season-long family memberships. Discounts are available for families and groups, and the complex also hosts corporate team building events. The complex has become a popular destination for local and regional soccer tournaments, drawing teams from across the country and around the world.

The complex is home to two leagues; the Texas Boys Recreational League and the Texarkana Coed Recreational League. Teams can register for either one or both leagues during registration season, which generally takes place during March each year. There are also several tournaments and special events hosted by the complex on an annual basis, including the Annual Troopers Cup which features teams from all over Texas competing against each other in three age divisions.

The facilities available at this place are top notch – which makes sense considering that they are all nationally standardized when it comes to safety regulations and equipment. The turf fields are equipped with lights for evening play and there’s even an indoor facility known as “The Dome” as well as air-conditioned locker rooms for athletes competing at higher levels of play.

There is also a newly refurbished playground for younger players and siblings (which includes swings) as well as new picnic tables for visitors who just want to take in some scenery or grab a bite to eat near the fields. Being outdoors isn’t the only thing Grady T Wallace has going for it though – there is also plenty of parking available close by so visitors can easily access the facility without having to worry about walking long distances in between games or practices.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on site due to local laws but there is still plenty of room with plenty of outdoor seating should parents want to bring their own food/drink items with them while watching their child’s game or tournament match.

Visiting this place is an experience that will appeal to both the casual soccer fan and the die-hard enthusiast alike. Here are a few tips for making the most of your visit:

First, plan ahead. Check out the facility’s website for upcoming events, leagues and tournaments. See what teams are playing and which ones you’d like to see. Bring along friends or family members who also enjoy soccer for an enjoyable day out.

Second, arrive early. Arrive on time so that you can get good seats in the stands and explore the complex before kickoff. There’s plenty of room to walk around, so take your time and enjoy the surroundings. You may even get to see some of the players warming up, depending on what time you arrive.

Third, dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothes for watching soccer; avoid bright colors or anything that could distract from your enjoyment of the game. Comfortable shoes are also essential, as you’ll likely be walking around quite a bit.

Fourth, take advantage of the facilities. As mentioned, the complex features a concession stand and restroom facilities, as well as plenty of seating in the stands. Bring snacks or drinks if you’d like, to enjoy during the game.

Finally, be respectful and courteous to everyone you meet at the facility. This includes other fans, the players and referees. Enjoy yourself, but at all times follow the rules of the game and show respect for those around you.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere safe but fun where your kids can try out a new team sport, or you’re interested in taking your own soccer game to higher levels, the Grady T Waller Soccer Complex in Texarkana TX has something suitable offered regardless of your current playing level/experience. With its robust offering of features such as air-conditioned locker rooms, lights permitting late-night games, concessions stands/picnic areas plus extra services such as lessons/clinics – this amazing facility truly has something everyone can benefit from within its walls. Browse next article