Ace Of Clubs House

If you’re looking to explore everything that Texarkana AR has to offer, then the Ace of Clubs House is a must-see. With its rich history and captivating architecture, this historic landmark promises an unforgettable experience for those interested in local culture & heritage.

Read more as we will provide all the essential information about the museum – from its fascinating past to key tourist attractions – so prepare yourself for a unique journey through time.

The museum is a unique house located in Texarkana, Arkansas, which was built in 1885 by E.J. and Louise Schmalz. The house is shaped like a club from a deck of cards, hence the name “Ace of Clubs”. The house was built by Schmalz, who was a German immigrant and local businessman. Schmalz constructed the dwelling for his loving wife, Louise, and her mother, who were both esteemed members of Texarkana’s community.

Through the years, the unique design and architecture of this place have remained intact in spite of multiple renovations. In 1985, it was purchased by the Texarkana Museum System and opened to visitors as a museum for all to enjoy.

With its red-brick construction and limestone foundation, the museum stands as a timeless tribute to late-19th century Victorian architecture. Designed by the renowned Texarkana architect James W. Dorsey, it is hardly surprising that this building has captivated visitors with its unique, club-shaped exterior resembling a card from an old deck.

A tri-level time capsule awaits at this house, with each floor offering a glimpse into the past. Step inside to find yourself in the 1880s living on the first level – complete with antique furniture and carefully chosen décor. The next tier takes you back one more century, where Victoriana meets Edwardian-era style. To top it off, travel up another flight of stairs for an Art Deco and Art Nouveau fusion on the 1920s-inspired third story.

Prepare to be enchanted by the breathtaking Victorian architecture, complete with period furnishings and decorations when you visit this awe-inspiring attraction. Open every day of the week except Monday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday – this museum offers more than just sightseeing opportunities! Look out for a variety of events all year round such as tours, lectures, and special exhibitions – an absolute must for anyone looking for an educational cultural experience.

In addition to exploring the various attributes of the house, visitors have access to self-guided tours with knowledgeable docents available should you have any questions. Participants will journey through all levels of this historic home, learning about design and architecture from different time periods. As a bonus, there are multiple exhibits filled with artifacts hailing from Texarkana as well as clothing pieces, furniture collections, and other household items unique to the area.

When visiting Texarkana, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible museum experience that awaits. There are countless reasons why a trip to the museum is an absolute must-see:

History – Visiting the museum is an absolute must, as not only will you appreciate its remarkable Victorian architecture, but also gain a glimpse into Texarkana’s past. Built by one of the city’s leading businessmen and showcasing changing styles from the late nineteenth century to present day, this house has become a significant part of local history that should be explored.

Culture – Texarkana’s culture thrives at the museum, which showcases its abundant history and cultural heritage. Moreover, throughout the year it presents captivating events that truly reflect this city’s unique customs and interests.

Education – At the museum, visitors can discover a wealth of information about architecture and design in Texarkana. Our knowledgeable docents are available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have regarding the building’s history and style. Additionally, our staff host lectures and seminars on different aspects of Texarkana’s culture that will broaden your understanding even more.

Make the most of your adventure to this museum by following these simple tips for an unforgettable experience:

1. Dress appropriately – To protect the artifacts and furnishings inside, it is necessary that visitors to the museum dress respectfully and in a manner befitting its dignified atmosphere.

2. Take a guided tour – Guided tours provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into the history, culture, and heritage of Texarkana—all through exploring the fascinating houses. With such an informative tour on offer, there is no better way to gain a deeper understanding of this incredible destination.

3. Use the restrooms – To ensure everyone enjoys a smooth and comfortable journey, please use the restroom facilities at the museum before starting your tour.

4. No pictures allowed – Kindly be reminded that photography within the house is strictly prohibited as it contains numerous fragile and valuable artifacts that could potentially get damaged by camera flashes.

5. Have fun – Finally, have a blast and make the most of your visit to this exceptional museum! Texarkana’s culture as well as its history are there for you to discover, so be sure to soak it all up during your stay.

Overall, the Ace of Clubs House is an integral part of Texarkana, AR and should be included on your list of must-visit sites while in the city. From its unique architectural design to its incredible historical narrative, this museum offers something for everyone; whether you are fascinated by architecture, intrigued by history, or captivated by culture—it’s all here. Don’t miss out on this truly remarkable destination when planning a trip to Texarkana.